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First impression of the G&G Bike exhaust on the Yamaha Fazer8 2010-

As with all our products, we like to test them not only on the dynamometer, but also on the road. As most who have driven the FZ8 or Fazer8 will be aware, this model suffers from a lack of power in the lower RPM's, with a powerful kick from 5000 RPM and upwards. An easy drive-off, with only two fingers on the clutch lever, is harder than it seems.

The G&G Bike shorty exhaust gives a sleek look and a deep, rumbling sound. With the dB-killer installed you can enjoy a deep, throaty sound, which is still within what the law asks from us. When you remove the dB-killer however, the sound is positively loud, a deep and sporty sound, impressive from the lower up to the highest RPM's.

But what made us happiest is the fact, that these mufflers make the FZ8 a much smoother ride. The lower RPM range is about 5 Nm and 5 hp stronger from 3500-5500 RPM, the range you use in slow traffic, cities and when driving off at traffic lights; the most useful power addition. From 6000 RPM there's still a strong kick, but it is a much smoother transition than with the original exhaust in place.

Below you can find our real-life pictures and a sound sample. Enjoy!

First sound impression:

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